hey yall, i miss you guys (even though there’s like 3 of you left oof)

i guess i’ve been doing well,,, except my mental health is all over the place, but we’re not gonna get into that

firstly, my teachers have piled on a lot of projects and tests on me this week rip

there’s parent-teacher conferences tomorrow, but all they’re gonna say is “susan needs to raise her hand more”

the whole ship thing from last year has died down A LOT thankfully, but i’m still lowkey paranoid that he still thinks i like him,,,

and no, i don’t have a boyfriend, unlike the rest of y’all apparently

i also got an application for National Honor Society, and i hope i get in even though i barely do anything oops

i’ve thought about my future, and i think marketing/digital marketing would be a nice career path for me because i basically spend all my time on social media, so why not channel it into promoting a brand and getting paid for it?

uh i don’t really have much to update on bc my life is quite boring

i’m obviously not going to be active here, so if yall still want to keep in touch or whatever:

my ig (kpop spam)

my finsta (don’t worry i wont spam kpop on here if you hate it)

twitter (again, kpop/cpop)

my tumblr, wattpad, and everything else if dead asf, so im not gonna link that

if yall really want it, i’ll give you my snapchat

love yall!!!


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