School 2017: Storytime!

SO, I have decided to whip up some posts every now and then for the fun of it

ANYWAYS, I have 3 stories

Story 1:

CODENAMES (Don’t ask why they’re named the way they are):

  • Infinity: Friend
  • Beach: Friend /Infinity’s new friend
  • Lovelyz: Acquaintance/Infinity’s friend
  • Caramel: Acquaintance/Infinity and Beach’s new friend

SOOOO, for the past two months, Infinity and Beach were getting closer and like any unreasonable person who felt like their closest friend was drifting away, I was jealous.

Fearing that I was gonna embarrass myself if I ever told my feelings, I just kept it inside me for like a whole month. It wasn’t fun y’all. It gets better for me tho 😉


Lovelyz’s words and actions lately hints that she’s jealous of Beach and Infinity’s friendship too, and Lovelyz seems to really wanna be friends with Caramel

Lovelyz has had some other jealousy problems last year, when another girl tried to “steal” Lovelyz’s best friend from her, although it was warranted bc the other girl kinda was tbh

Anyways, Infinity is lowkey annoyed with Lovelyz now, so that’s fun

When Infinity was ranting about Lovelyz being weird lately, and I said that she was just jealous, I also mustered the courage to tell Infinity I was jealous just like Lovelyz (but I got over it when I actually got to know Beach bc she’s cool), and she understood and everything, which was great bc I was scared of a negative response lmao



  • Olive: Friend
  • Cards: The boi everyone keeps shipping me with jfc
  • Blizzard: Friend
  • Hammer: Friend

So, if y’all don’t know about the whole ship situation thing, I suggest you read my posts from catcandy

So yesterday, Olive somehow brought up Cards in our conversation on the train and was like “he’s so adorable” over and over again

So Blizzard and I started to assume that Olive liked Cards

Hammer agreed when we told her, but she thought Olive only liked him last year

Not really a story, but whatever



  • Pencil Sharpener: A boi from Choir

My friends signed up for Choir, so I had to go with them if I wanted to not go home alone

It was a MESS

The professional had us immediately start learning an African song, we were all so confused

The only good thing to come out of this was Pencil Sharpener

Nothing happened, I just think he’s cute lmao

Too bad he’s a senior that just transferred, sigh

But then again, it could be my shitty ass eyesight again bc last year I literally passed by someone for one second and concluded he was cute. He wasn’t tho (to me)

Anyways that’s all the drama I can remember from the last 2 months

BTW I just found my unpublished Mystic Messenger posts from me and Anna’s dead collab, do y’all want me to post them?



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