School 2017: First Week

I started my first day yesterday, but I didn’t get to go to all my classes, so I got to them today.

I guess it’s been okay?

First Period: Algebra 2

  • My teacher seems nice
  • He talks a lot about history tho (bc he’s also a history teacher)
  • He lowkey teaches really bad based on what I “learned” in class today (radians and degrees, whopee)
  • I have some acquaintances/friends in this class, so it’s not that bad


Second Period: Global Lit (or English)

  • Again, my teacher seems nice
  • But she assigned seats smh
  • So I’m stuck with a bunch of popular people
  • It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that we’re not compatible for friendship lmao
  • I have like 2 friends in this class, but they’re on the other side of the room


Third Period: Gym/Study

  • I have gym 3 times a week, ew
  • Study is… study hall lmao
  • I have a lot of friends in this class
  • Still sad tho bc they’re closer to each other and my closest friend is in another period


Fourth Period: Chemistry

  • Again, seems nice
  • Assigned seats tho smh
  • Luckily, I sit with my friend
  • Heard that his test averages are like 60s-70s so rip
  • I have some friends


Fifth Period: Chemistry/Art

  • There’s a double period for chem on thursdays
  • Art teacher seems nice
  • She has the same first name as me lmao
  • She made us play a game in class tho
  • It’s where you throw a ball at someone to learn their name
  • No one threw it to me smh
  • I have some close friends, so it’s all good
  • We have to go to museums every other week after school to draw stuff tho
  • We also have to run an art blog
  • Lmao, I can barely keep this blog alive, how am I supposed to keep a blog about something I’m not truly passionate about alive


Sixth Period: Lunch

  • honestly all we do is gossip about our day and other people
  • she’s had a quite interesting school experience so far lmao


Seventh Period: AP World (History)

  • has my favorite history teacher (no offence to the other one, but i haven’t had her so…)
  • he’s quite sarcastic lmao
  • i have a whole table of friends ^^ (which is only 6 lmao)
  • one of my friends is… unique
  • honestly, me and my other friends are waiting for an entertaining event to happen in class between my friend and my teacher
  • he’s probably done with her already lmao


Eight Period: French 2

  • honestly, this is one of my favorite teachers as well
  • she’s quite sarcastic sometimes too
  • and very fashionable
  • she only speaks in french the whole class tho
  • i’m constantly confused lmao
  • but she teaches things in a way i could learn so it’s fine
  • she assigned seats tho
  • i’m with some people i’m okay with and a freshman
  • i have friends in this class, which is good


hopefully, the rest of the year goes well

fortunately, this year i DO NOT have EVERY SINGLE CLASS with le certain someone i’ve complained about before, idk if it’s on here or fantage mint candy, but whatever!

i don’t plan on being active on here simply bc i’m a lazy fuck, so if yall have instagram and is willing to tolerate my constant kpop + life spamming, follow me

or if you don’t want to see millions of girl groups on your feed, my “school” spam (or the spam i just started and promised to post less often on bc im annoying af) is uhmsusan


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